2020 Opel Meriva Transmission, Power

As every new minivan, new 2020 Opel Meriva is also produced to make the customers feel extra cozy and relaxed. Therefore, we aren`t surprised by the way how great Opel`s engineers have done with some smaller details. They`ve done everything they can to produce new Meriva to be the best so far. That is something they must create so the passengers can really enjoy the ride inside this minivan. Let us share with you all the recognizable details about this car. Continue reading 2020 Opel Meriva Transmission, Power

2019 Opel Meriva Transmission, Performance

You should know that new 2019 Opel Meriva is already great car because all his previous generations were good. It is obvious that Opel now wants to go step forward. They`re trying to be the best by beating the best. To do that, they have to do some serious jobs. Will they manage, it`s up to you to decide. The number of sold models is eventually the pointer of how great some model is. We have really high hopes for new Meriva. Let`s see what is that what makes him great car. Continue reading 2019 Opel Meriva Transmission, Performance

2018 Opel Meriva Review, Price

On the minivan market, 2018 Opel Meriva is aiming to take the leading spot. Meriva have a great tradition behind and all the previous generations were stunning. Considering that, we expect that Opel will do their best to make it improved. There aren`t that much information`s about new Meriva but we`ve managed to hear some of them. We`ve placed all of those pieces of information into this small review which is now ready for you. Take a look at new Meriva and decide will you buy this one to be perfect for your family. Continue reading 2018 Opel Meriva Review, Price