2020 Chevrolet Orlando Release date

Chevrolet is one of the leaders on many different markets but with new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando they`re surely aiming to become number on the minivan market as well. Today, we are so happy to finalize the review of their brand new Orlando which is surely better than before. It is obvious that this model has suffered some severe changes in the matter of exterior design and in the matter of performances. We have gathered that all together and blended that into this review. Be careful and take a look at every detail so you get to know this car better. Continue reading 2020 Chevrolet Orlando Release date

2019 Chevrolet Orlando Strength, Power


We can`t say enough things about new 2019 Chevrolet Orlando because it is just awesome. It looks amazing from every angle you lay your eyes on him. Chevrolet really knows what are they doing because it is obvious that they`re managing to make him work better and they`re paying attention to the even smallest details now. The result is new Orlando which is meant to be one of the leaders in minivan category for the year 2019. That is what Chevrolet wants him to be but the final call is yours, will you like new Orlando. Take a first peek and decide. Continue reading 2019 Chevrolet Orlando Strength, Power

2018 Chevrolet Orlando Review, Specs

New 2018 Chevrolet Orlando is definitely the real pleasure to have on the market. This time, Chevrolet ensures us that there will be some really great improvements. We are hoping to see new Orlando that will be stronger than before. His design was always pretty food so there is no real need to make some drastic changes in that area. But, never mind about that, some changes must be made when it comes to the aesthetic as well. Let`s see what are those exact changes that will be made on new Orlando. What is that can make him better than before? Continue reading 2018 Chevrolet Orlando Review, Specs