2018 Chrysler Town and Country Family

There aren`t that many minivans that we can say those great things as we can for new 2018 Chrysler Town and Country. It is really stunning and we are sure that no matter what family buys this vehicle, it`s going to be pleased with it. This new generation is announced to be redesigned and improved when it comes to the engine unit. We`re looking forward to seeing it running on the streets. Until that, we can talk about him a bit more. Take a look at everything new Town and Country can be proud of. Continue reading 2018 Chrysler Town and Country Family

2018 Chevrolet Orlando Review, Specs

New 2018 Chevrolet Orlando is definitely the real pleasure to have on the market. This time, Chevrolet ensures us that there will be some really great improvements. We are hoping to see new Orlando that will be stronger than before. His design was always pretty food so there is no real need to make some drastic changes in that area. But, never mind about that, some changes must be made when it comes to the aesthetic as well. Let`s see what are those exact changes that will be made on new Orlando. What is that can make him better than before? Continue reading 2018 Chevrolet Orlando Review, Specs

2018 GMC Savana Cargo, Spacious

To be honest, we are surprised with the comeback of 2018 GMC Savana. We can`t say that this wasn`t one of the most popular GMC minivans but it wasn`t that good. That is surely one of the ways why GMC wants to release him again. They want to make him better. They want to make new Savana worth buying. According to all the rumors we`ve heard, it`s going to be good. Take a look at it, read this review. It contains all you need to know about new Savana. Continue reading 2018 GMC Savana Cargo, Spacious

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan Review, Price

Definitely one of the most expecting minivans for 2018 is 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan. Knowing Dodge`s philosophy, new Grand Caravan will definitely be improved even though his previous generation is around two years old. Dodge`s officials are still being pretty mysterious when it comes to the information`s about this vehicle. Due to that, we had to turn our heads and ears to the rumors. And to be honest, we`re still surprised with the great information`s those sources have. Take look at some of them. Continue reading 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan Review, Price

2018 Ford Galaxy MPV, Release date

With the new 2018 Ford Galaxy arriving, minivan market is getting more and more interesting. New Galaxy has tradition behind, but we want to see something new as well. This time, Galaxy is announced to be redesigned. The great news is coming out of Ford`s factory. We have no doubts that you`re going to be impressed. According to the latest rumors, new Galaxy should be released with at least one new engine unit. You`re going to have the pretty clear picture of new Galaxy with this review we`ve prepared for you. Take a look. Continue reading 2018 Ford Galaxy MPV, Release date

2018 VW Sharan Appearance, Price

Even though VWs officials want to keep it as a secret, new 2018 VW Sharan is known to be released. Today, we`ve completed small review about this vehicle. We`ve gathered all the reliable information`s about this fantastic minivan. There are some really useful news that we have so we are sure you`re going to love this review. It can really help you in deciding will you buy this minivan or you won`t. Take a look and read it carefully. New Sharan, VWs pride will be there in the half of 2018. Continue reading 2018 VW Sharan Appearance, Price

2018 Chrysler Pacifica Performance, Price

Among the minivans, new 2018 Chrysler Pacifica definitely deserves to be mentioned. There aren`t that much cozy and spacious minivans which are strong at the same time. New Pacifica is the perfect family car in so many ways. It`s spacious and it has extra quiet engine. You can`t even hear it running. The great thing about new Pacifica is that he`s going to have the better engine and better fuel economy. Chrysler`s engineers made the amazing job with new Pacifica. We`ve created the small review about this car so take a look at everything he`s capable to do. New Pacifica`s review. Continue reading 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Performance, Price

2018 Opel Meriva Review, Price

On the minivan market, 2018 Opel Meriva is aiming to take the leading spot. Meriva have a great tradition behind and all the previous generations were stunning. Considering that, we expect that Opel will do their best to make it improved. There aren`t that much information`s about new Meriva but we`ve managed to hear some of them. We`ve placed all of those pieces of information into this small review which is now ready for you. Take a look at new Meriva and decide will you buy this one to be perfect for your family. Continue reading 2018 Opel Meriva Review, Price