2020 VW Sharan Front

2020 Volkswagen Sharan Release date

New 2020 VW Sharan is surely the perfect car for the families with many members. The minivans are the perfect category for this kind of car. Now, Volkswagen is doing the best job they can to make something like this for the younger generation of drivers. New Sharan could be the model that is ready to make those changes on the market. New Sharan is announced to arrive with some new things and details that can make him closer to the customers all around the world. Today, we`re ready to share that information with you.

2020 VW Sharan Front

2020 VW Sharan Exterior Design, Appearance, Review

As we know, it is important to have the great exterior design to be successful on the market. The shape of the new 2020 VW Sharan is slightly similar to his predecessor. It’s the way how Volkswagen works with their vehicles. It is the shape that they’re worrying the most about. Therefore, we aren’t surprised by the materials that are used to create this minivan. Volkswagen’s engineers have said that they’re going to use mostly lightweight ones. Among them, the biggest amount will be carbon fiber and aluminum. With everything they’ve revealed, it is most likely that new Sharan is going to be one of the most successful minivans on the market. Both of the bumpers are reinforced which makes this car safer than before.

The first thing we’re going to notice on the exterior of new 2020 VW Sharan is that the front fascia is redesigned again. It is longer and wider than before. The hood is where we can notice that difference because it really looks wider and longer than before. At the end of it, we can see that the grille is spreading almost to the bottom of this car. The bottom is now placed closer to the ground which makes you think that it’s going to be harder to drive him around the city but you don’t have to worry about that as well. Volkswagen’s engineers have thought everything about. They’ve estimated and calculated that distance is enough to go over speeding bumps in the city.

2020 VW Sharan Cabin

2020 VW Sharan Interior Look, Comfort Level, Shape

When we take a look inside new 2020 VW Sharan we must see that it is looking roomier than before. Some serious jobs are taken on the instrument board design. This time, Volkswagen has used all their effort to create it to be extra modern. Now, it is obvious that there are fewer buttons placed on the instrument board. Since there are fewer buttons out there, we know that we can expect a larger touchscreen on the middle of it. It is made to be 9.0-inches wide. You can see everything that’s going on about this car on it and you can use all of the functions that are installed in the infotainment system. Some of them are transferred to the steering wheel which is jammed with more controls than before.

The seats are something new inside 2020 VW Sharan. They’re bigger than before and it is obvious that VWs engineers have used all of their effort to do that better than before. Even though the seats are placed closer to the bottom of the ground you can’t expect them to be bucket shaped ones because this isn’t a car that’s made to be fast. They’re equipped with better lumbar and sides support which makes them one of the coziest that is ever been placed in Sharan. They’re special about the fact that both heating and cooling options are available in the basic trim level as well.

2020 VW Sharan Rear

2020 VW Sharan Engine, Power, Performances, MPG

The engine is so special inside new 2020 VW Sharan. It is said that new Sharan is going to be equipped with the 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged petrol powered unit. This one is great because it can produce great power amount while he can use a very little amount of fuel. It is said that he can develop 150 horsepower and around 135 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

Volkswagen has said that all of the engine options for new Sharan will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. With it, all of the four wheels can receive that amazing power amount because it is available to have AWD mode. Of course, fuel consumption is lower than before. Some rumors are saying that those numbers are 28 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2020 VW Sharan Price and Estimated Launch Date

The new 2020 VW Sharan is about to be released at the beginning of 2020. Not before January we are sure in that. The starting price for this car is set to go around $34.500.

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