2020 Opel Meriva Front

2020 Opel Meriva Transmission, Power

As every new minivan, new 2020 Opel Meriva is also produced to make the customers feel extra cozy and relaxed. Therefore, we aren`t surprised by the way how great Opel`s engineers have done with some smaller details. They`ve done everything they can to produce new Meriva to be the best so far. That is something they must create so the passengers can really enjoy the ride inside this minivan. Let us share with you all the recognizable details about this car.

2020 Opel Meriva Front

2020 Opel Meriva Exterior Redesign, Review, Style

New 2020 Opel Meriva is designed so he can be truly recognizable on the market. We know that his shape isn`t going to surprise us but he`s going to be truly amazing in no matter what angle you take a look at this car. The shape is remaining practically the same as before but he`s going to have slightly sharper edges. With those kinds of edges, new Meriva is stronger than before with slightly fewer energy to waste. That`s the way how you`re going to create the best thing of new Meriva. Minivans are a quite popular category today and Opel is proving that they`re going to be even more popular in the future.

All the minivans creators are doing the best they can to do that. This new 2020 Opel Meriva is arriving on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are bigger than before. That way, new Meriva is looking classier than before which is truly amazing to know. No doubt you`re going to be pleased with the overall look of new Meriva. It has wider taillights that are bigger than before and they are now closer to the grille placed. The grille itself is made using nothing but the chrome. That`s great because that can make him shine better than it was before. That makes new Meriva capable to enter that luxury minivan market. On the back, we can see that the bumper is bigger while the rear glass is slightly smaller than before.

2020 Opel Meriva Interior

2020 Opel Meriva Interior Design, Specs, Appearance

On the inside, you must do the best you can to keep the passengers safe and entertained during the entire ride. Inside new 2020 Opel Meriva you can really see the effort that Opel`s engineers and designers have done. They have used the finest materials they could find. Now, the biggest difference when we compare new Meriva with his predecessor is that this one is going to be made using not a single plastic part inside. That way, new Meriva is really heading to that luxury minivan compartment. That`s brilliant and it can ensure his great positioning on the overall lists all around the world. What is the first thing you`re going to notice inside new Meriva is surely the instrument board? It is designed with fewer buttons than before.

Now, modern way of constructing is the way how you can do the best for your minivan. Opel has recognized that and they have used it the best they can. There are way more functions installed in new 2020 Opel Meriva. What is also special about this minivan is that Opel`s engineers have created an absolutely perfect balance between safety and entertainment functions inside. That way, they`re ensuring that the kids have an amazing time and that the parents are feeling safe inside new Meriva. For the first time, we can see the touchscreens on the back of the front two seats. That way, new Meriva is really going to the future. Numerous new functions are added and we still don`t know all of them so we`re going to wait for the Opel to release some further details about that.

2020 Opel Meriva Rear

2020 Opel Meriva Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit isn`t the first thing you`re going to think when you think about new 2020 Opel Meriva but he must be powered with the decent engine unit. New Meriva is going to use the 1.4-liter petrol powered unit. This mighty engine can develop 120 horsepower and with 150 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We`re more than pleased with this kind of power amount to be placed under the hood of new Meriva. He, as a true representative of a mighty minivan, really deserves to be powered with this kind of power amount.

This engine, as every other, is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission system that needs to supply him with really low fuel consumption. We still don`t have official numbers for that but we`ll let you know the moment we find out that. What is special about new Meriva is that he`s going to work, probably, with all-wheel drive mode which will really set him to the top of the lists.

2020 Opel Meriva Price and Estimated Launch Date

The price for new 2020 Opel Meriva is set to be $25.500. We still don’t have the official release date for this minivan but we know it can`t go before March 2020.

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