2020 Ford Galaxy Front

2020 Ford Galaxy Redesign, AWD

We are more than positive that the new 2020 Ford Galaxy surely is a car that knows how to make all the customers happy and excited about this type of car. The minivans are surely the type of car that is mostly chosen by the families with larger family members but this type of Galaxy is capable to be bought by some younger generation as well. It has many features that make him different than before. New Galaxy is bigger than before which is the first impression we can he about it. Take a look at the review of the new Galaxy.

2020 Ford Galaxy Front

2020 Ford Galaxy Review, Appearance, Style

As we`ve mentioned, the first impression is that new 2020 Ford Galaxy is bigger than before. That`s the way how Ford works and how they make their own customers happy. One thing is sure, new Galaxy is going to continue proving that the interest of the customers is really important. The moment when they said that something needs to be changed, Ford will do that in the future, in some next generation. Making him bigger means that there could be some increased overall weight. To make that overall weight remains the same as before, Ford has done some differences with the materials that are used. Now, they have used mostly carbon fiber and aluminum in the chassis. In that way, new Galaxy has remained to be in the same overall weight as before, no matter that he`s bigger.

When we look at the details, we can`t really see some huge differences on the new 2020 Ford Galaxy. To be honest, there really isn`t a need to create some huge changes. The previous generation of Galaxy looks modernized as well. Now, Ford has given him larger and better tires. It arrives on 21.0-inches alloy wheels. The grille has a slightly wider gap between the vertical bars now. That way, this grille works amazing as a true air vent for the engine. All the lamps on the new Galaxy have improved visibility and better energy saving mode. That way, we are positive that new Galaxy is great for the environment around us.

2020 Ford Galaxy Cabin

2020 Ford Galaxy Interior Look, Specs, Comfort

As you know, the cabin look and style is the most important part of any minivan. There is room for 7 passengers inside the new 2020 Ford Galaxy which makes him really roomy and cozy. We`ve said that the new Galaxy is roomier than before which leaves more room for the passengers inside to feel cozy and relaxed. Ford`s engineers have done some serious job to make it that way and we must give them credit for that. We aren`t super excited with the cargo area but we know that when you fold the third row of seats, you`re getting incredible cargo space. We don`t even have to mention what happens when you fold the second row of seats as well. The seats are restyled now because they haven`t been restyled in the previous version of Galaxy. Now, they have more than 15 directions of adjustments.

As you know it, Ford`s engineers are trying their best to create the finest things for the infotainment system for their models. New Galaxy is one of those minivans that need to be equipped with the finest functions. That way, new 2020 Ford Galaxy becomes one of the best-equipped cars on the market. Ford`s engineers are trying to make you enjoy the functions while you still pay the attention to the road ahead of you. That means that they have enabled voice command option for most of the functions. That`s the first time any minivan has been equipped with this option.

2020 Ford Galaxy Rear

2020 Ford Galaxy Engine, Power, Performances

You should know that the engine unit is more than an important part of new 2020 Ford Galaxy. He should be equipped with an extra strong engine to make the passengers really enjoy every part of the new Galaxy. Now, he`s announced to be equipped with the 1.5-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder petrol powered unit. This is the engine that really works fine for new Galaxy. Even though this is just a basic engine option, he can develop over 160 horsepower and close to the 180 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We are sure that some higher trim levels can develop over 180 horsepower which is incredible power amount for this type of vehicle.

No matter what engine type you choose, the new Galaxy has only one transmission system available. He`s working with the 6-speed automatic gearbox. It is said that he`s available with all-wheel drive mode but when you pay a bit more cash than for the basic trim level which is offered with only front-wheel drive mode.

2020 Ford Galaxy Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Ford Galaxy is set to go from March 2020. The price for this car is set to go from $44.000 and above for some better-equipped versions.

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