2020 Chevrolet Orlando Front

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Release date

Chevrolet is one of the leaders on many different markets but with new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando they`re surely aiming to become number on the minivan market as well. Today, we are so happy to finalize the review of their brand new Orlando which is surely better than before. It is obvious that this model has suffered some severe changes in the matter of exterior design and in the matter of performances. We have gathered that all together and blended that into this review. Be careful and take a look at every detail so you get to know this car better.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Front

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Exterior Design, Review, Style

We have already said that new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando seems a bit different this time. The first look you can lay on new Orlando will give you an impression that this generation is bigger than the one before. Actually, that only seems that way. That is available thanks to some redesigned details. For example, both of the bumpers on new Orlando are bigger than before. That gives you the impression that the entire vehicle is bigger. Also, Chevrolet`s engineers have placed him on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels and they have given him brand new tires. Those tires fits him perfectly. Other than that, they make him look stronger and sportier. It is the exactly the impression Chevrolet`s engineers and officials want you to receive.

In the matter of exterior design, new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando looks really nice and that`s a fact. His shape is surely one of the nicest. Every edge is perfectly designed to make you satisfied and to make the engine a bit easier to handle that power. Now, the aerodynamic abilities are way better than before and that is one of the things Chevrolet wants you to know when it comes to the new Orlando. They`re doing so much in the matter of making this car fits everybody`s purpose. Therefore, they have announced this Orlando to be available in many new exterior color choices which is just one thing they`ve done but it means to the customers a lot.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Interior

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Interior Look, Specs, Appearance

As you know, you can`t imagine a minivan that isn`t cozy and roomy inside. New 2020 Chevrolet Orlando surely gets that and this time, it is made with certain reorganization inside that`s going to make him cozier than before. That`s a great improvement and enough from the Chevrolet`s engineers so you can figure out that they`ve done so much great work. The biggest difference we have noticed is made on the instrument board. That instrument board now features fewer buttons and controls. With it, the driver can control all the functions easier than before and he can still offer more room for the passengers inside. It is the perfect way to combine those two important things.

The seats are slightly changed as well. Chevrolet has done them bigger than before. In addition to that, they`ve made them available with both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. They`re brilliant in the matter of functionality as well. Chevrolet`s engineers have made them available with more than 15 directions of adjustments. With them, new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando becomes so good to ride inside. We have heard that Chevrolet`s engineers are doing a great job to make this car and his infotainment system one of a kind. They`ve announced more than 15 functions to be the part of the basic trim level which is something you can`t see every day.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Rear

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Engine, Power, Performances

Chevrolet`s officials are being pretty mysterious when it comes to the engine options for new Orlando. They`re stronger than before and they’ve announced more than just one engine option for this kind of car. According to the rumors that are close to the officials, new Orlando will be powered with the 2.0-liter diesel powered engine unit. This seems a bit unlikely because it is a diesel engine mentioned but who knows, maybe it`s going to be true. The fact is that this engine is stronger than some similar ones. He can produce 173 horsepower and close to the 200 lb/ft as torque amount. With it, new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando is way stronger than before.

The first numbers appeared when it comes to the performances. Those numbers are that new Orlando can reach from 0-60 mph in just 10 seconds flat which is a great time for a minivan. Next, to it, we`re expecting to see the numbers for top speed. It is still hard to estimate that but we know it won`t be below 140 mph. The transmission system set to be paired with this engine is the 6-speed automatic ones. Looking at some latest details, it is said that this gearbox can send the power to all four wheels.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando is close to the May 2020. This means that we`re going to wait for this car a bit longer than we have expected him. The price, according to the officials is set to be $31.000.

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