2019 VW Touran Front

2019 VW Touran Power, MPG

There aren`t enough words to describe new 2019 VW Touran because it is made to be the leader in the minivan market in next year. If some company is capable to do that Volkswagen is definitely the one. All the previous generations of new Touran were splendid but this new one is definitely going to be the best so far. This time, Volkswagen has really paid attention to every customer wish. They`ve really made it by putting the customers in the first place. Let`s see what that means for Volkswagen`s designers and engineers.

2019 VW Touran Front

2019 VW Touran Exterior Redesign, Platform

The greatest change on new 2019 VW Touran is that it’s going to get way bigger and stronger than he was before. With it, new Touran is actually going to get more attractive for the customers in the United States. With his increased size, new Touran is getting a bit weight as well. But to make it reduced, Volkswagen will use only lightweight materials to create its chassis. Looking the front of this minivan, we can spot that Volkswagen has placed some new things as well. Now, the grille is way wider than before. Now, it’s going to be made using only chrome to make him look classier as well. Next, to the grille, we can see longer headlights to make them have better visibility. New Touran will have brand new lamps used this time.

On the sides of 2019 VW Touran we can spot that there will be some new lines used. With those lines, new Touran looks like a pretty strong car. On the rear end, there will be new and longer rear glass. With it, the visibility will be increased so the driver can have the better view all around the car. Safety is something that Volkswagen has increased as well. 20.0-inch alloy wheels are now added on new Touran. What is pretty interesting about this minivan is that to make him even closer to the customers, they’re going to make him available with even more exterior color options.

2019 VW Touran Interior

2019 VW Touran Interior Shape, Style, Design

When it comes to the cabin of 2019 VW Touran we must say that there will be more room inside than on some previous versions. Increased size means that customers will be welcomed with more room. That is enough to increase the interest of the customers. What is also great is that, in addition to that, they’ve redesigned the seats almost completely. Lumbar support is increased and the sides support are also improved. Now, there will be more adjusting option. It is announced that there will be more than 15 directions of adjustments. What is interesting is that they’ve improved the materials used as well. Even the basic trim levels are great and in the higher trim levels, they’re going to have brand new Alcantara leather used.

When it comes to the instrument board, we must say that there will be fewer buttons than before but the instrument board itself will be bigger than before. It is interesting that the climate vents are larger than before. Other than that, there will be the different shape of that climate vents. Now, there will be circular shape instead of those square shapes that were present before. Even the functions are now improved because Volkswagen has made great software improvements. It is interesting that 2019 VW Touran will be equipped with the perfect balance between safety and entertainment functions. Great functions are now installed in new Touran.

2019 VW Touran Rear

2019 VW Touran Engine, MPG, Transmission

Since we`ve seen that the exterior and interior design have suffered big changes, we know that we can`t expect some drastic changes under the hood. Volkswagen has announced that new Touran will arrive with at least three engine options. So far, we know only basic choice for under the hood of 2019 VW Touran. That`s going to be the 1.2-liter petrol powered unit. Using this engine, new Touran can be supplied with 108 horsepower and with 128 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be available for this and for every other possible engine options. With it, this engine can run from 0-60 mph in only 8 seconds which is a great time for a minivan.

2019 VW Touran Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 VW Touran can`t be before April 2019 and we`re willing to wait for him until that period. When it comes to the starting price, we assume it`s going to be somewhere around $27.000 for his starting trim level.

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