2019 Toyota Sienna Front

2019 Toyota Sienna Exterior and Interior, MPG

Even though it isn`t announced with some huge news, new 2019 Toyota Sienna is there to make us all surprised with the amazing features he`ll be equipped with. Toyota wants to make him better because customers have somehow forgotten about him. They want Sienna to return on the paths of old glory. Let`s see will the year 2019 be this year. We`re here to see what is so special that Toyota wants us to think that it`s going to make new Sienna better than before. Here it is.

2019 Toyota Sienna Front

2019 Toyota Sienna Refreshed Design, Platform

The first thing that is changed when we take a look at the exterior design of new Sienna is surely his new platform. That platform will allow this minivan to be restyled a bit and to receive some new details. All in all, new 2019 Toyota Sienna will be refreshed but not totally redesigned. Toyota is trying to keep it simple but they`re coming up with new ideas daily so they`re trying to place them all in new Sienna. This generation of their famous minivan is surely here to make us stunning and to find out something new about Sienna. 21.0-inch alloy wheels are surely that. They`re new when it comes to the Sienna. We`ve never seen it with the wheels that size. With those new and larger wheels, we are pretty convinced that new tires are coming as well.

What is also great about new 2019 Toyota Sienna is that it is announced to arrive with way more exterior color choices. Toyota is really famous about that. They`re always trying to make the customers enjoy and so they could have more choices. New Sienna is now arriving with larger headlights, larger grille and larger and stronger bumpers. All that means that new Sienna will be modernized and ready for today`s times. Also, Toyota is trying to give him brand new technology when it comes to the lights. This generation of Sienna will use the combination between LED and bi-xenon lamps.

2019 Toyota Sienna Interior

2019 Toyota Sienna Interior Improvements, Materials

Every cabin that can accommodate 8 passengers is amazing. This new 2019 Toyota Sienna has that kind of cabin. What is even better about it, is that all of the 8 people how much it can fit inside will enjoy the ride in this minivan. Toyota`s engineers are really pushing the limits. They`re reorganizing entire cabin to make the passengers have more room inside. That means that entire instrument board will be pushed a little further in the front fascia. The result is fascinating. Instrument board now has fewer buttons but all of those that are staying there is driver-oriented. The touchscreen will be placed a bit higher on the instrument board and it`s going to be bigger as well. His dimensions now should be 10.0-inches wide.

When it comes to the materials usage they`re going to vary. For example, the basic trim level will get basic cloth materials while some premium trim levels are getting premium leather materials. It is easy to say, more money means more comfort and pleasure when it comes to the new 2019 Toyota Sienna. It`s simple as that. All the functions installed in the previous generation of Sienna are transferred to this one as well, of course with some software upgrades made. This generation of Sienna will be perfect because it`s going to provide the perfect balance between safety and entertainment options. There will be something for everybody.

2019 Toyota Sienna Rear

2019 Toyota Sienna Engine, Power, Performances

The one really special engine is rumored to be available for new 2019 Toyota Sienna. That will probably be the 3.5-liter V6 unit. This magnificent engine is capable to supply new Sienna with the power of 296 horses and with the torque of 263 lb/ft. Great capacity after all. It`s going to work in pair with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Together, they can increase performances while they`re reducing fuel consumption. Great engine there`s no doubt in that. Some rumors are saying that new Sienna could be available with one engine that is even greater than this one. That should be hybrid engine option. With it, you know that fuel consumption is getting even lower. We still don`t know with which engine those lithium-ion batteries will be combined but as soon as we found out, we`ll let you know.

2019 Toyota Sienna Price and Expected Release date

The release date for new 2019 Toyota Sienna is still unavailable. Toyota still doesn`t want you to know that. Due to that, we had to listen to the rumors. They`re saying that it`s going to happen around May 2019. Price for this beauty will be around $35.000 for his basic trim level.

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