2019 Opel Meriva Front

2019 Opel Meriva Transmission, Performance

You should know that new 2019 Opel Meriva is already great car because all his previous generations were good. It is obvious that Opel now wants to go step forward. They`re trying to be the best by beating the best. To do that, they have to do some serious jobs. Will they manage, it`s up to you to decide. The number of sold models is eventually the pointer of how great some model is. We have really high hopes for new Meriva. Let`s see what is that what makes him great car.

2019 Opel Meriva Front

2019 Opel Meriva Reshaped, Size, Appearance

First, his shape. New 2019 Opel Meriva is shaped way better than before. It really has brilliant edges which can make him way better than before. Aerodynamic is better than before now and that can make his performances better than they used to. The front fascia is way longer than before with grille on the end of it. The grille is longer than before and it finishes with the nicer bumper. Fog lights will be installed in that bumper now even in the basic trim level. Safety is improved that way. Headlights are now made in the square shape and with the new set of lamps. With those new LED lamps, energy-wasting will be reduced to the minimum.

Rear part will be equipped with longer rear glass which can make driver have perfect visibility all around his car. This new 2019 Opel Meriva will arrive on 20.0-inch alloy wheels and some new tires that can make him go easier off road. Exhaustion pipes are larger than before. What is also great about new Meriva is that there will be more exterior color choices. What is also visible is that side mirrors are larger than before. One more way to increase the safety of this minivan. Families are definitely going to choose this car. It`s cozy and extra safe.

2019 Opel Meriva Interior

2019 Opel Meriva Interior Style, Changes, Materials

The cabin of new 2019 Opel Meriva looks really brilliant and stunning. Now, it can accommodate up to 7 passengers inside. Every one of them can enjoy great comfort because there will be finer seats are produced. Better lumbar support, better sides support as well can make you choose new Meriva before some other vehicles. What is also important about new Meriva is that his instrument board will be improved. Finer materials are used now. Mostly leather and wood are used now and that can make his price boosted a bit as well since that is one of the most expensive combinations on the car market.

There will be so many great functions installed in new 2019 Opel Meriva. The great thing about new Meriva is that they`re going to install perfectly balanced features. There will be almost the same number of safety and entertainment functions. Some of the standard ones will be: rear-view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, traction control, hill assistant, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, digital climate controller (dual-zone one), satellite radio, airbags, and some others.

2019 Opel Meriva Side

2019 Opel Meriva Engine, Power, Transmission

There are two engine options available for new 2019 Opel Meriva. The 1st choice will be the 1.4-liter unit. This engine is capable to produce 120 horsepower. With him, new Meriva can run from 0-60 mph in only 12 seconds flat. Top speed is estimated to be around 150 mph which is more than decent. Second engine unit will be the 1.4-liter petrol powered unit that is estimated to be stronger. Now, it can create the power of 150 horses. It`s going to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 10.5 seconds flat. Fuel consumption is estimated to be reduced and that can be thankful for the 6-speed automatic transmission system.

2019 Opel Meriva Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Opel Meriva is still tricky to estimate but we think it`s going to be around May 2019. Price for the starting model of new Meriva is estimated to be around $23.000.

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