2019 Nissan Quest Front

2019 Nissan Quest Release date, Abilities

Arriving in new 2019 Nissan Quest is really excellent because it`s going to offer something that others can`t. This time, that will be more power and finer design. Nissan is really great about redesigning their old models and they have really serious plans with new Quest. Customers around the world are really excited because it is expected from new Quest to become bigger than he used to be. We are here to give you the information`s about that. Let`s see what of that news are true. Here it is, new Quest just for you.

2019 Nissan Quest Front

2019 Nissan Quest Redesigned, Appearance, Style

As you know, new 2019 Nissan Quest will continue his stunning design, it’s going to keep it simple but extra effective. New Quest will be refreshed with some new details and shinier materials. It’s going to make him look classier. That is what the Nissan’s engineers and designers want him to become, true luxury minivan. There is still the long road ahead of Quest but we are sure that they’re on the right track. After all, new Quest is the proof for that. This time, it is designed with sharper edges to help him have better aerodynamic abilities. When we’ve mentioned nicer materials, we thought about carbon fiber, aluminum, and hard steel combination. Together, they’ll make new Quest looks awesome.

The first thing you’re going to notice on new 2019 Nissan Quest is his front fascia. It is obvious that his front fascia is larger now. It has the wider grille and larger headlights which are connected with the grille now. Under the grille, we can see newly shaped and reinforced bumper. That will make him becomes the stronger vehicle. Under the headlights, we can see larger, round-shaped fog lights that will be available even at the basic trim level. On the rear end, new Quest has longer taillights as the most noticeable difference. Rear glass is going to remain the same as before and we can really see that new Quest looks nicer. What is also great is that Nissan gave him more exterior color choices.

2019 Nissan Quest Interior

2019 Nissan Quest Interior Design, Review, Changes

As for any minivan, the cabin is the most important part of new 2019 Nissan Quest as well. We know that it’s going to be equipped with extra soft and nice details. The great thing about new Quest is that he’s going to have more than one trim level available. That can make him the perfect choice for those that have the larger budget and for those that don’t. Almost everybody can choose what he likes from new Quest.  And there are a lot of positive and great stuff from new Quest. Just take a look at the instrument board. It is designed to have just enough buttons and controls to make it nice and easy to control. They don’t want to place tons of buttons there. Also, this time, it is driver-oriented instrument board.

Climate vents are now larger than before and made to be square shaped. They definitely look nicer now than before when they were circular shaped. The infotainment system is also improved for new 2019 Nissan Quest. There will be so many new functions installed in new Quest. Some of them are: rear-view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, Bluetooth and USB connection, cruise and traction control, overtaking assist, satellite radio, Bose sound system and many others. The seats for new Quest are also improved. They’re now released with more directions of adjustments. Better lumbar support is one more thing why you’re going to choose new Quest before some other minivans.

2019 Nissan Quest Rear

2019 Nissan Quest Engine, MPG, Transmission

This time, new 2019 Nissan Quest is known to be available only with one engine. We are more than convinced that new Quest will be released with more than just that one engine. But, at the moment, we know only about 3.5-liter V6 DOHC unit as the option. This magnificent engine can provide 253 horsepower and torque amount of around 236 lb/ft as the maximum. This engine will work in pair with CVT gearbox and it’s going to be available to send all the power to every one of four wheels on this minivan, in some higher trim levels of course.

2019 Nissan Quest Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Nissan Quest can’t be under $29.500 and we can’t see some of his most equipped trim levels go under $50k. The release date for new Quest is estimated to be around March 2019.

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