2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Front

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Price, Launch

This time, new 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class is about to receive its new generation. That makes us surprised and stunning because this is one of the minivans that always growing to be better than before. Let`s see what we can expect from this new generation of V-Class. We`ve presented all the information`s about this new model that we could find. This review is here for that. Take a look at all of those interesting pieces of information.

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Front

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Exterior Redesign, Review

We all know how great Mercedes is when it comes to the designing their cars. This new 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class is about to be the nicest minivan on the market. His shape won`t be changed now and he`s going to remain to be the boxy minivan. That means he`s going to be made with sharp edges that can make his aerodynamic abilities better than before. Now, the details will be changed and restyled to make him look nicer and modernized. The first thing we`re going to notice is the headlights. The headlights on new V-Class are way larger than before and they are now placed closer to the grille. The shape of the headlights isn`t changed and they`re continue being made in the square shape.

Now, that grille we`ve been mentioned is wider than before. New 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class will have its grille wider than before and it`s going to be made using only chrome. That means new V-Class will have one of the nicest front fasciae than all the others minivans on the upcoming market. Looking to the sides of this minivan, we can`t see the changes now but it really looks nicer. The rear part is now restyled as well. It has wider taillights and larger rear glass that can make the visibility better. This time, that`s going to mean increased safety for this minivan. With increased safety, we are sure that more customers will be interested in this new V-Class.

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Interior

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class interior Design, Shape, Style

The interior design of any car is important but for the minivans, it is even more important. New 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class is definitely the leader in that category. It’s going to offer the room inside than ever before. Now, 8 adult passengers can find the room inside this minivan. The seats are redesigned now. They’re going to offer better lumbar and sides support. Maybe the finest thing for new V-Class will be that even the basic trim level is available with Alcantara leather. Now, even the instrument board is redesigned inside. There will be way fewer buttons than before. With them, new V-Class can be available with the larger touchscreen.

When it comes to the functions inside, there will be way more safety functions installed in new 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class than in his previous generation. That’s going to make him closer to the families. Especially for those with the larger number of children’s. This new V-Class will be one of the first minivans which will be installed with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. Among that, there will be so many new functions which can make him closer to the potential customers. We are sure that new V-Class is surely something you’re going to love on the 2019 year market.

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Rear

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Engine, Power, Performances

What is maybe the worst thing about this model is that his basic trim level will remain to be the same as in his previous generation. This could be bad news but it really isn`t because that engine is amazing. That`s going to be 2.1-liter 4-cylinder BlueTEC V 250 unit. Using this kind of engine, new 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class is going to be supplied with the power of 161 horses and with the torque amount of 280 lb/ft.

We have no doubts that this is perfect engine unit for new V-Class, at least for his basic trim level. Even though new V-Class still isn`t announced with some additional engine options we are sure that there will be at least two additional ones. With this one which is revealed, new V-Class can reach from 0-60 mph in only 9 seconds flat which is a great time for a minivan. Top speed is now estimated to be around 130 mph.

2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class is estimated to be $70k. The release date is still hidden from the eyes of the potential customers but we expect it to be around March 2019.

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