2019 GMC Savana Front

2019 GMC Savana Specs, Denali

Even though there are still only a few information`s available, we are proud to say that new 2019 GMC Savana will be released. This time, it is expected from GMC to do all they can to make him better than it was before. To be honest, it wasn`t the best minivan or van at all, but it had some of his good parts. Those parts are on which GMC will build new Savana on while bad parts will be replaced. Let`s see all GMC has done for new Savana.

2019 GMC Savana Front

2019 GMC Savana Exterior Redesign, Review

The shape of 2019 GMC Savana isn`t something we expect to see getting some huge changes. It`s going to remain to be boxy as it always was. That is how the customers remind him for. What is great is that GMC will make his edges even sharper to help him gain even more aerodynamic abilities which are their way to use the nature in their advance. They`ll return to nature in a different way, by using less fuel than before.

What is sure is that front fascia will be restyled since that is the first thing you`ll notice on this car. It`s going to have the wider grille with chrome vertical bars on it. Next, to it, there will be bigger headlights with the new set of lamps. One more way how GMC is trying to return the favor to nature. LED lamps are proved to use the only minimum of required energy.

Looking to the sides of 2019 GMC Savana we can see that the side mirrors are bigger than before. That is the great way to improve the safety of this minivan and make it closer to the customers. Rear part has those recognizable square-shaped taillights which are great looking, especially on this new Savana. This new generation of Savana will receive 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are way bigger than before. Tires are new as well and we are hoping that final version will receive something more added. More exterior color options will be nice.

2019 GMC Savana Interior

2019 GMC Savana Interior Style, Appearance

GMC still doesn`t want to show us how new 2019 GMC Savana will look from the inside. Due to that, we had to listen to some of the rumors about it. When it comes to the rumors about new Savana there are a lot of people which are being pretty close to the GMC officials. Knowing that we know that those rumors are quite reliable. You can read all of them and know that biggest part of them will be true and that it will appear inside new version of Savana. First, we`ve heard that new Savana will receive brand new infotainment system. It`s going to be equipped with the functions such as: all-around view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, emergency braking, airbags, digital climate controller, satellite radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, digital navigation, cruise control and many others.

Second, we know that new 2019 GMC Savana will have more room for the passengers this time. That can be managed thanks to better organization inside the cabin. First, the instrument board will be different and so will the other parts of the cabin leaving more room for the seats. Those seats will now have both heating and cooling options installed, even at the basic trim level. Better lumbar support is also something you know you`re going to receive inside this minivan.

2019 GMC Savana Rear

2019 GMC Savana Engine, Power, Abilities

This new 2019 GMC Savana is still known only to be available with one engine unit. That will be the 4.8-liter V8 unit. This great engine is capable to generate 260 horsepower and around 525 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. 6-speed automatic transmission system will work in pair with this engine and it`s going to let him use all-wheel drive mode. The main news is that some latest rumors tell us that new Savana will try to be way different and way ahead of others. To do that, they`re to going try to make it with hybrid engine option which will be perfect.

2019 GMC Savana Price and Expected Launch Date

Starting price for new 2019 GMC Savana will be exactly $34.000 and we can`t expect him before July 2019.

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