2019 Ford Transit Wagon Front

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Restyled, Review

If you must separate the leader in making large minivans, that is definitely Ford. New 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is one more model that will tell you that they`re the best in that area. When new Transit Wagon arrive on the market it`s going to have a hard job. That job is to beat his predecessor which was more than the just great model. This new one had to be better. And according to the information`s we have, it`s going to be. Let`s see what we`ve found out about this model that`s going to make him better.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Front

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Refreshed Exterior Design

The size of this vehicle will remain to be the same as before, it was big even in the previous version. New 2019 Ford Transit Wagon will remain to be the big and strong minivan. His weight won`t be that big when we see his size. That is managed thanks to better weight distribution and materials usage. Ford`s engineers have made it really good this time. The front part is made using aluminum and back part of this car is made using hard steel. The chassis of new Transit Wagon is slightly different now and it`s going to give him longer wheelbase. There won`t be some drastic changes when it comes to the design of this minivan. Ford will keep it simple and effective.

That means that new 2019 Ford Transit Wagon will have all of his lights made in the same shape but with the new set of lamps. Newly developed LED ones are the one to blame for Ford`s great visibility and safety. Even the bumpers will look the same but they`re made to be reinforced now, thanks to better materials used. The grille is changed this time and it is positioned closer to the edge of the bumper. Fog lights are larger and those are pretty much all the changes on new Transit Wagon. What is great about this generation of Transit Wagon is that he`s going to be placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels. More exterior color choices are surely something that will make customers choose this model before some others.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Interior

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Interior Design, Style

As you know, new 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is big minivan which means that it`s going to be extra roomy. The roomy car means that it`s going to be extra comfortable. Passengers love those extra comfortable cars. New Transit Wagon will be made using top quality materials to create the most important part of this car. Of course, we know that new Transit Wagon will be available with more than just one trim level. In the basic trim level, there will be basic cloth used but even with those materials, passengers will be extremely pleased.

If you have more money, you`re going to enjoy amazing leather materials. With them, new 2019 Ford Transit Wagon will be even better now. Using those materials, passengers will sit in the seats like they`re sitting on a cloud. The most important thing when it comes to the infotainment system inside new Transit Wagon will be SYNC 3 system that`s going to work perfectly inside this vehicle. With it, you can connect almost everything with the system inside this minivan. That is surely what the customers are searching. Especially the ones with small children.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Rear

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Engine, Transmission, Power

So far, new 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is announced with only one engine unit. That engine will be the 2.5-liter inline-4 unit. This engine can make new Transit Wagon supplied with 169 horsepower and with torque amount of 171 lb/ft. 10-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine and we know that front-wheel drive mode will be the basic choice for new Transit Wagon. Using this engine, this minivan can reach from 0-60 mph in only 10 seconds flat. Top speed still isn`t estimated but we know it`s going to be better than before. Fuel consumption is also improved for new Transit Wagon which is more than amazing news for this type of car.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Price and Expected Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Ford Transit Wagon will be around $33.000. The release date for this minivan is estimated to be May 2019.

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