2019 Ford Grand C-Max Front

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Passenger, Review

Minivans are getting really popular lately, especially among the large families. New 2019 Ford Grand C-Max is surely one of the finest minivans that is coming in the next year market. Ford has made him several years ago and every next generation of it was better than the one before it. So now, according to that aspect of work, we expect 2019 Grand C-Max to be the best. Ford definitely have made some changes on this minivan and we`ve prepared this review so you can really see how great those changes are. Take a look.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Front

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Redesign, Appearance, Design

Minivans are pretty simple to design. You need to make it functional and nice in the same way. That is only way how the families will be attracted to your model. New 2019 Ford Grand C-Max is surely the leader when it comes to upcoming minivans because they`ve managed to combine those two. Ford is definitely one of the finest minivans creators because they have so many different models available.

New Grand C-Max is one of the nicest they`ve ever made. Now, some redesigns are made on the exterior design of this model. First, we must notice his front fascia. It`s getting bigger now and the hood is now way longer than we can remember it from the previous model. At the end of the hood, which is now equipped with some new lines, we can see wider grille. That grille is now made using finest chrome material that is to make this model shine better and to make him classier.

Looking over to the sides of 2019 Ford Grand C-Max we can spot the larger set of wheels available. This new Grand C-Max will arrive on 20.0-inch alloy set of wheels to give this minivan sportier design. The side mirrors are larger as well which is Ford`s way to increase its safety. For the increased safety, Ford has made larger rear glass to help the driver with the increased visibility of this car. Both of the bumpers are reinforced now. More exterior color is added which is Ford attempt to make you create your perfect Grand C-Max. We have no doubts that you`re going to love every segment of new Grand C-Max, every piece of it, with no matter what angle you take a look at it.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Interior

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Interior Design, Style, Materials

In designing the cabin of the minivan, you must follow some simple principles. First, you must make it comfortable and spacious. Then, you need to make your vehicle has so many different safety and entertainment functions. You need to create the stunning environment inside your minivan. That means better ambient lightning and driver-oriented instrument board which is great to make you control all the functions easier than before. Well, we can notice that 2019 Ford Grand C-Max has it all. When we`re talking about the room inside, we must say that they`ve managed to create more room than before. Especially when it comes to the cargo area. They`ve made some reorganization which helped them to achieve that goal.

Passengers will love driving inside 2019 Ford Grand C-Max because it is designed with great attention. Ford`s engineers and designers had taken care of every piece inside, no matter how small it is. The ambient lighting inside this minivan is now better than before and you can really notice that when you enter it. Now, the blue color is dominating inside. The seats for this generation of Grand C-Max are almost brand new. That was one of the demands of the customers that have bought the previous generation of this minivan. Ford has listened to them and made it better. Better lumbar support is now provided and they`ve tried to offer both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. We still don`t know whether they`ve managed that or they haven`t. We have to wait for that a bit more.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Rear

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Engine, Power, Transmission

The engine unit has never been a problem for Ford`s minivans. Customers have been more than pleased with his previous engine options so Ford doesn`t really need to create some drastic changes. For that cause, we expect to see only small changes under the hood of 2019 Ford Grand C-Max. What is almost definite is that his basic trim level will continue to be 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine unit. This will be perfect engine unit for this kind of minivan because it can develop 115 horsepower and more than 150 lb/ft of torque amount. What are we sure about when it comes to the engine options for new Grand C-Max is his transmission system. The only choice for that will be 6-speed automatic gearbox. AWD mode will probably be available as well.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$30k will be the starting price for new 2019 Ford Grand C-Max, that`s for sure. His release date is still questioned we have to ask Ford`s officials. Looking over to some stories that are going around, we can say it`s going to be launched at the start of 2019, probably at the January.

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