2019 Ford Galaxy Front

2019 Ford Galaxy Specs, Engine, Price

Just take a look at new 2019 Ford Galaxy. This is one of those minivans that can reach the hearts of many customers. This time, Ford prepared him for the future. Ford`s designers and engineers gave him so many different and modern features. There won`t be so many great design changes but most of the changes will be placed under the hood and inside the cabin. No doubt you`ll be pleased with the number of features that will be installed as the part of the infotainment system of new Galaxy. Take a look at what you can expect from new Galaxy, Ford really made it be perfect.

2019 Ford Galaxy Front

2019 Ford Galaxy Review, Appearance, Style

Exterior design is always important, even when you’re producing minivan. This new 2019 Ford Galaxy have really high hopes, they’re trying to be the best this time. Exterior design and shape is really important. His shape is improved this time, it is different but it is still extremely functional. His edges are sharper and rounder than before. Overall weight is reduced as well and all of that together can help him gain better aerodynamic abilities. New Galaxy will be placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels that can help him be stronger since now, new tires will be added as well. It is obvious that Ford wants to make new Galaxy better in off-road driving as well.

When it comes to the details on the exterior, there won’t be some drastic or iconic changes. Headlights are longer this time, and they’re going to spread to the grille and it’s going to be connected with them this time. Great thing is that even the lights will be more functional since they’re going to waste less energy than ever before. LED lamps will do that this time. Sides are the same as before but new 2019 Ford Galaxy somehow looks nicer even from that angle. Rear part has slightly longer rear glass to make the driver have a better view.

2019 Ford Galaxy Interior

2019 Ford Galaxy Interior Style, Refreshed, Materials

As we all new, even the previous generation of Galaxy was extra cozy and spacious. This time, they’re going to make it even better. New 2019 Ford Galaxy will have his cabin better organized which can make the passengers enjoy every second inside. There will be more room inside and with that, more room for the passengers. The first row of seats will be equipped with way more directions of adjustment so you can place it exactly how you want. Even the heating and cooling options are included. What is even better is that they’ll be added even in the basic trim level.

When it comes to the functions that should be part of the infotainment system of new 2019 Ford Galaxy, we must say that all of them will be extra modern and useful. There will be great balance made inside. That means that both safety and entertainment functions will be included in the same amount. There will be functions such as: rear-view camera, parking sensors on the front and on the back, cruise control, traction control, digital climate control, Bluetooth and Internet connection, satellite radio, more speakers inside the cabin.

2019 Ford Galaxy Rear

2019 Ford Galaxy Engine, Power, Performance

So far, two great engine units are announced for new 2019 Ford Galaxy. The first choice will be 1.5-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost unit. This one can develop 160 horsepower which is the great amount. The second option for you is 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder unit. This one can supply new Galaxy with 180 horsepower. Both of these engine units will work in pair with 6-speed automatic transmission option. The basic trim level will work using front-wheel driving mode while AWD will be optional if you’re willing to offer a bit more money for new Galaxy.

2019 Ford Galaxy Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Ford Galaxy is announced to be $41.500 while his best option will be priced slightly above $57.000. The release date is probably going to be around March 2019.

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