2019 Ford C-Max Front

2019 Ford C-Max Price, Hybrid, Review

Looking to the 2019 Ford C-Max we are sure that minivan market will be excited in the 2019 year. There is great news coming out of Ford`s factory about new C-Max. What is great is that they`ve announced that this new C-Max will be available with hybrid engine unit. With it, we are more than sure that they`re going to attract more customers than before. Now, new C-Max will be picked by those that want to be environmentally friendly.

2019 Ford C-Max Front

2019 Ford C-Max Restyled, Exterior Design, Review

Ford still don`t want to reveal all the pictures of new 2019 Ford C-Max because they want him to be something as a surprise. We are sure they`re going to make it nicer than before which will make him more attractive to the customers. Even though they still haven`t announced the weight of new C-Max we are sure it`s going to be reduced. We know that due to knowing that platform of new C-Max will be made using lightweight materials, mostly carbon fiber and aluminum. That usage of lightweight materials can help the bumpers be safer because they`re going to make it stronger than before. That is also one way how you can attract “greener“ customers.

There won`t be some drastic changes when it comes to the details that will be placed on the exterior of new 2019 Ford C-Max. It`s going to remain to be recognizable as before which is the great thing for faithful customers. They`re still going to recognize him on the streets. Front fascia will keep its recognizable shapes. Headlights will be circular shaped and grille next to it will be big and wide. It is obvious that rear part of new C-Max will receive more changes than the front one because that is what the customers wanted to see. Rear part has brand new bumper which is equipped with larger exhaustion pipes on it with taillights above it which will be wider than before.

2019 Ford C-Max Interior

2019 Ford C-Max Interior Design, Instrument board, Materials

Interior of new 2019 Ford C-Max will suffer some minor changes this time. The great thing about new C-Max is that he`s going to offer more room for the passengers which is the greatest news about this minivan. Ford made a great job by making instrument board smaller than before but better equipped now. The Larger touchscreen is now placed in the middle of it and slightly closer to the top of the instrument board. Benefits of that are that there will be fewer buttons present on the instrument board. With it, you`re going to be able to control all the functions easier than before.

What is also great about new 2019 Ford C-Max is that all of his bumpers are driver-oriented now. That means that driver can control all of them better and easier. Some rumors are telling that all the functions that should be part of infotainment system will be modernized when we compare them with their previous version. Some of the standard functions installed in new C-Max are: blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, rear-view camera, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay system, Bluetooth connection system, traction control, overtaking assist, dual-zone climate controller, satellite navigation and many others.

2019 Ford C-Max Rear

2019 Ford C-Max Engine, Power, Abilities

As we`ve said, greatest news about new 2019 Ford C-Max will be his engine unit. This time, it`s going to work using finest hybrid engine option. That will be the 2.0-liter inline-4 unit that will work together with the electric motor which will be powered using lithium-ion batteries. Using hybrid unit, this minivan will be supplied with the 188 horsepower and with torque amount of 129 lb/ft. What is sure about this engine is that is improved. No, when new C-Max is using only electric motor it can go over 32 miles. His batteries will be improved which means they can be fully charged in just 6-7 hours.

2019 Ford C-Max Price and Estimated Launch Date

We are sure that new 2019 Ford C-Max can`t be available before March 2019, definitely not before that period. When it comes to the price we don’t have doubts. New C-Max will surely arrive from $33.000 when it comes to the basic trim level.

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