2018 VW Touran Front

2018 VW Touran Power, MPG, Review

The moment when Volkswagen announces new product we are interested. That is the way with new 2018 VW Touran as well. It is simply because they really know how to produce the awesome car. There isn’t a category on which VW doesn`t know to impress. Minivans are surely the one of those. They`re aiming for the number one spot with new Touran. Listening to all of the rumors that are available, new Touran will be stronger than his predecessor. That should be his biggest difference. Take a look at new Touran and you`ll be impressed as well.

2018 VW Touran Front

2018 VW Touran Redesign, Platform, Appearance

The exterior design of new 2018 VW Touran is already amazing. Even though VW still don`t want to reveal everything about him. That`s why they`re showing only the covered versions of new Touran. He`s currently being tested on their testing tracks and there, he`s under heavy camouflage. Due to that, we can only assume what can appear under that camouflage. What is sure is that his size is a bit bigger. All in all, it`s going to be the bigger vehicle. Knowing that we know that some of his details also must become bigger than before. What is great about new Touran is that he`ll arrive on 19.0-inch wheels which are bigger than before.

Today, we`ll start from the back. It is obvious that new Touran will arrive with wider taillights. They`re going to be the closest one to another. Under them, we can spot new bumper with nicely shaped exhaustion pipes. Moving over to the front fascia, it`s easy to spot larger grille. This time, Volkswagen will try to make it using only chrome. It`s easy to make it that way but they don`t want to increase the price for new Touran just because of that. That is one more way to show they care about the customers. New 2018 VW Touran will arrive with headlights that will have sharper edges. They won`t be that circular shaped as before. What is sure about all the lights is that they`re going to use some modern and newly developed lamps.

2018 VW Touran Interior

2018 VW Touran Interior, Shape, Instrument board

As you already know, the main purpose of the minivan is to transfer the bigger number of passengers. Also, every one of them must feel pleasant and cozy inside. New 2018 VW Touran is maybe the greatest example of all of that. New Touran will offer great room inside, even for the luggage. They`ve managed to increase that as well. It is obvious that VWs designers and engineers really know how to make customers love them. Once again, new Touran is the great example for that. Amazing instrument board design is just a start of that.

There will be newly designed leather seats. Better lumbar support and heating option are the options you`re going to absolutely love. Now, greatest improvement inside 2018 VW Touran is that all of the buttons are driver oriented. He can control every function easier than before. Speaking of the functions we must mention that VW has announced that there will be way more safety functions than before. It`s one of the ways to attract families to this car. Of course, we know that there will be some amazing connection options installed inside, especially for children`s.

2018 VW Touran Rear

2018 VW Touran Engine, MPG, Transmission, Power

Volkswagen is being pretty quiet and mysterious about the engine for new Touran. It is one more proof that they`re preparing something really special for 2018 VW Touran. We`ve mentioned that he`s going to be stronger than before so now, we are expecting some brilliant engines to be available for under his hood. One engine is definitely going to arrive there. It`s his basic. That will be the 1.2-liter unit. This famous engine is capable to produce the power of 108 horses and to give him torque of 128 lb/ft. This engine has proved himself over the years and you won`t make a mistake if you choose exactly this one. To make you love him even more you should know that he can make new Touran reach 60 mph from 0 in just 8 seconds which is a great time. Also, he`ll arrive paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission which can reduce his fuel consumption.

2018 VW Touran Price and Expected Arrival Date

The release date for new 2018 VW Touran is still a mystery, so is his price. To find out both of them, we must listen closely to what the rumors are saying. For the price, they are pretty clear about it. New Touran can`t appear under $25.000. When it comes to the release date they`re clearly only in one, he can`t be available before the beginning of 2018. Because of that, we think he`ll arrive at March 2018, not sooner.

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