2018 VW Sharan Front

2018 VW Sharan Appearance, Price

Even though VWs officials want to keep it as a secret, new 2018 VW Sharan is known to be released. Today, we`ve completed small review about this vehicle. We`ve gathered all the reliable information`s about this fantastic minivan. There are some really useful news that we have so we are sure you`re going to love this review. It can really help you in deciding will you buy this minivan or you won`t. Take a look and read it carefully. New Sharan, VWs pride will be there in the half of 2018.2018 VW Sharan Front

2018 VW Sharan Review, Redesign, Changes

Even though it is camouflaged, we can notice that new 2018 VW Sharan will be released with the slightly changed overall look. And VWs engineers have tried their best to hide it. They`ve placed it under heavy cover so we can`t really see almost anything. His edges aren`t that sharp as before, that`s obvious to see. The front part of new Sharan is lowered so the air can go better under this vehicle. The front fascia is looking the most covered. That can tell us that there will be the most changes on new Sharan. We assume that the grille will be wider and the headlights look closer to it than before. Other than slightly different positioning, those headlights are wider than before. That can make the visibility improved and the safety better.

Looking to the sides of new 2018 VW Sharan we can see that the doors are bigger than before. As well as their handlers. Side mirrors are also restyled and made to be bigger than before. That is also one way to make the passengers inside feel safer than before. The rear part of new Sharan is equipped with longer rear glass. Both of the bumpers are restyled and reinforced now. That is the help of the better materials used. The biggest part of the chassis for new Sharan will be made using carbon fiber and aluminum combination. Other than those materials, there will be hard steel used to make it a bit tougher. New Sharan is announced to arrive on 19.0-inch alloy wheels. They are bigger than before which tells us that there will be improved performances. We can`t wait to see it really running on the streets.

2018 VW Sharan Interior

2018 VW Sharan Comfort, Infotainment system

Of course, as you know, the first thing you`re going to imagine when you think about Sharan is his spacious. This new 2018 VW Sharan will be even better when it comes to that aspect. It can accommodate 7 passengers but it`s going to offer more cargo area. That can mean they can carry as much luggage as they want. The seats are restyled this time. VWs designers made it with better lumbar and sides support. In some higher trim levels, there will be heating and cooling options included. All in all, there will be better materials used inside new Sharan.

That means new 2018 VW Sharan will have its cabin mostly used from leather. Plastic won`t be used inside new Sharan at all. Instrument board is made using top quality leather and soft carbon fiber. Other than that, there will be some wooden details. Together, it can make him the classier minivan. When it comes to the infotainment system inside, we`ve heard that there will be more of the functions installed. VWs engineers announced that they`ve made software upgrades on all of the functions. That can definitely attract larger families.

2018 VW Sharan Rear

2018 VW Sharan Engine, Power, Performances

There aren`t that much available information`s about the engine for 2018 VW Sharan. We`ve managed to find out one petrol powered engine and one diesel powered. The petrol powered unit will be basic and it`s going to be 1.4-liter turbocharged TSI unit. This one can produce 150 horsepower and the significant amount of torque. When it comes to the diesel option, it`s going to be the 2.0-liter unit. This engine can produce 115 horsepower. Both of these engine options will work in pair with 6-speed manual transmission system. In the basic trim level, new Sharan will work on FWD. There aren`t yet announced options for AWD but some might appears available.

2018 VW Sharan Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2018 VW Sharan will be released at June 2018. Starting price for new Sharan should be $30.000 for his basic trim level.

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