2018 Toyota Sienna Front

2018 Toyota Sienna Spacious, Ecological

Among the greatest minivans, we must place new 2018 Toyota Sienna. There were some great generations of Sienna present in the past. All the customers know that Sienna is the great minivan. Now, they want to make the customers love him even more. To do that, they have to create some great changes. There will be newly styled design and maybe some new, stronger, engine units. Let`s see what we can expect from new Sienna today, or tomorrow, whenever he`s going to be released.

2018 Toyota Sienna Front

2018 Toyota Sienna Refreshed Exterior, Details

Looking to the previous generations of Sienna we can really see some changes that are present on this new one. This new 2018 Toyota Sienna will be bigger and it`s going to have slightly restyled shape. Doing that, Toyota will make him have better aerodynamic abilities. With them, he can make better performances while the engine will use less energy. That will be great because Toyota wants to turn to the customers that want to make the environment safer. Green is new favorite Toyota`s color. According to the officials, new Sienna will be placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels. Those wheels will be bigger than before and that is also the proof that new Sienna is bigger than before.

Some details are different as well. New 2018 Toyota Sienna really look different, better definitely. Headlights are bigger than before as well. Other than that, they`ll be thinner than before. Grille will be bigger as well and it`s going to spread across the front bumper as well. Both of the bumpers will be revised. That will make them stronger than before. Also, there are some new materials used. For example, there will be carbon fiber and aluminum used. That can reduce his overall weight. What is great about new Sienna is that it`s going to have more exterior color options. Customers will love it for sure.

2018 Toyota Sienna Interior

2018 Toyota Sienna Cabin Space, Interior, Changes

The interior design of new 2018 Toyota Sienna is really spectacular. Now, it`s going to accommodate 8 passengers inside. Every one of them is able to carry as much luggage as they want. Now, even the cargo area is bigger. We know that new Sienna will be better for the families than before because there will be improved entertainment system. This time, even the 2nd row of seats have larger touchscreen installed on the rear part of it. Kids in the back will absolutely love it. Toyota really did their best to make the things inside better than before.

Seats will be nicer as well. There will be new materials used for the interior of new 2018 Toyota Sienna. First, we must say that better leather materials will be used. Alcantara leather will be used this time for all of the seats. Looking at the instrument board, we can see that all the buttons and controls are driver oriented. Now, the driver can control all of the functions easier than before. Talking about the functions, we must say that all of them will be refreshed and released with significant software upgrades.

2018 Toyota Sienna Rear

2018 Toyota Sienna Engine, MPG, Transmission

What we know about the engine units for new 2018 Toyota Sienna is that they`re going to be improved. The first option for new Sienna will be the 3.5-liter V6 unit. Using this engine, new Sienna can handle with 296 horsepower and 269 lb/ft as torque amount. Second engine unit for new Sienna will be the 3.6-liter V6 unit. This engine unit can supply new Sienna with 287 horsepower and 262 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Looking to those engines, we know that all of them will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Using it, all the power can be transferred to all of four wheels on new Sienna.

2018 Toyota Sienna Price and Expected Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2018 Toyota Sienna will be around $32.000. The release date for this great minivan will be March 2018.

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