2018 Opel Zafira Front

2018 Opel Zafira Stylish, Engine, Transmission

Besides Meriva, Opel can be proud with new 2018 Opel Zafira as well. That is their latest project which can make you stunning as well. This new generation of Zafira is here to continue being great as his predecessor was. There aren`t that much information`s about it available which tells us that Opel has something really special prepared. Thanks to the sources which are really close to the Opel`s factory, we`ve managed to find so much reliable information`s about new Zafira. Take a look and see what you can expect from him.

2018 Opel Zafira Front

2018 Opel Zafira Changes, Specs, Design

There is one major difference between new 2018 Opel Zafira and his relative called Meriva. New Zafira is way more modern than that previous model. It is really designed to be ready for today’s customers. The brilliant shape is something you`re going to remember him for. That shape can help him gain more power while the engine will be a bit relieved. Other than shape, we are sure that Opel will give him more exterior color choices than before. All the important details on new Zafira will be improved. Even the wheels will be better. Now, he`s placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels. With some new tires, new Zafira can be the totally new minivan. It`s going to be totally different.

Looking to the details, we must mention that only front fascia is changed on new 2018 Opel Zafira. There will be the new set of headlights. Now, they`re going to grow and to be released with sharper edges. Their shape will be more square than before. Grille next to it will be wider than before and made using only chrome. New Zafira will shine now in his full shine. New lines on the hood and new lines on the sides of this minivan are enough to make him look sportier than before. The rear part is completed with a larger set of exhaustion pipes.

2018 Opel Zafira Interior

2018 Opel Zafira Interior, Style, Materials

When it comes to the cabin of new 2018 Opel Zafira you need to know that it`s going to be extra spacious. Now, even more than before. Zafira`s buyers can be thankful for that to the Opel`s engineers and designers. They`ve remained the same style of the cabin but they`ve just made it with the better organization. Now, it`s going to remove some buttons from the instrument board which can make it placed a bit further. Climate vents are now different inside. They aren`t that circular shape as before, now they have the square shape. Other than that, they`re bigger now.

Seats are restyled as well for new 2018 Opel Zafira. Brand new Alcantara leather is alone enough to create new car but with better lumbar support, it`s going to make the passengers feel cozier. The passengers can enjoy new Zafira entirely because he`s going to be equipped with so many new functions. Maybe the greatest one inside, especially for the younger passengers will be present of both most important mobile connectors. There will be both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems installed. No doubt that customers will love both of them. Besides that, there will be some newly developed safety functions installed as well.

2018 Opel Zafira Side

2018 Opel Zafira Engine, Power, Abilities, Top Speed

So far, Opel was ready to reveal only one engine option for new 2018 Opel Zafira. That will be the diesel-powered 2.0-liter unit. This one is capable to supply this minivan with the power of 130 horsepower and with 221 lb/ft as torque amount. You can choose to pair this engine with manual or with the automatic gearbox. No matter what you choose, it`s going to be 6-speed one. This particular engine can provide acceleration from 0-60 mph in only 11 seconds flat which is great for a minivan. Top speed is estimated to be around 150 mph.

2018 Opel Zafira Price and Estimated Launch Date

Be sure that you can`t get new 2018 Opel Zafira for the price of under $34.000. Some of his higher equipped trim levels can go over $47.000. The release date for this special minivan is estimated to be around May 2018.

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