2018 Opel Meriva Front

2018 Opel Meriva Review, Price

On the minivan market, 2018 Opel Meriva is aiming to take the leading spot. Meriva have a great tradition behind and all the previous generations were stunning. Considering that, we expect that Opel will do their best to make it improved. There aren`t that much information`s about new Meriva but we`ve managed to hear some of them. We`ve placed all of those pieces of information into this small review which is now ready for you. Take a look at new Meriva and decide will you buy this one to be perfect for your family.

2018 Opel Meriva Front

2018 Opel Meriva Redesign, Changes, Review

The exterior design of new 2018 Opel Meriva will remain to be pretty much the same as before. Opel`s designers won`t make some drastic changes. A great thing about it is that his designers want him to be bigger. They`ve made it bigger so now, new Meriva looks more like an SUV than before. We must say it is the great move by Opel`s designers. With that small improvement in size, new Meriva will have his shape slightly changed. Even with small changes in shape, Opel`s designers have made it have better aerodynamic abilities than before. His edges are slightly sharper than before. The weight for new Meriva has now reduced thanks to the usage of more carbon fiber and aluminum in chassis.

When it comes to the details on new 2018 Opel Meriva we can notice some revised one on the front fascia. Since this is the second generation, we know that it won`t be everything changed. For example, we can see that the headlights are longer than before. The grille is wider than before and now, it`s made from more chrome than before. Both of the bumpers are reinforced. The front one has larger air vents that can help the engine be cooled better. Rear fascia of new Meriva is shaped differently than before. The rear bumper is restyled with larger exhaustion pipes. Rear glass is larger than before.

2018 Opel Meriva Interior

Interior of new 2018 Opel Meriva is extra spacious and cozy. It`s going to have enough room so every one of 7 adult passengers can enjoy the ride inside. To make them even cozier, Opel gave them better seat design. Now, they have better lumbar and sides support. Also, heating and cooling options will probably be given only to the front row of seats. Maybe even for the 2nd row of seats in some higher trim levels. Never mind about that, they`re going to be made using better materials so they are definitely nicer.

Instrument board will remain the same as before and all of the functions will receive software upgrades. Some of the standard functions installed in new 2018 Opel Meriva will be: cruise control, parking sensors, all around view camera, blind spot monitors, emergency braking, traction control, Bluetooth and USB connection, airbags, carbon brakes, satellite radio, more speakers inside the cabin, overtaking assist, dual-zone climate controller, satellite navigation. There will be some new ones added but you`re going to pay extra for those announced.

2018 Opel Meriva Rear

2018 Opel Meriva Engine, Transmission, Specs

New 2018 Opel Meriva is announced with two engine units as the only option, so far. The first choice will be the 1.7-liter diesel powered unit. This one is capable to produce 110 horsepower and the significant amount of torque as well. Using this engine, new Meriva can run up to 122 mph at his maximum speed. This engine will work in pair with the 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission system. It`s up to you to choose. Second engine option is the 1.4-liter petrol powered turbocharged unit. This one can produce over 140 horsepower. This great power can make this minivan to have the top speed around 130 mph and to run from 0-60 mph in only 11 seconds flat. To be honest, this is a great time for a true minivan such as new Meriva. 6-speed automatic gearbox will be the only choice for this engine.

2018 Opel Meriva Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2018 Opel Meriva will be exactly $21.000. Regarding the release date, we expect it to be somewhere between February and May 2018.

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