2018 Nissan Quest Front

2018 Nissan Quest Price and Style

New 2018 Nissan Quest will really be the car with tradition. His first generation was released almost 25 years ago. Then, it was the pretty simple minivan. Today, it is one of the classiest. Because of his obvious improvement through the years, we are really looking forward to seeing what they will give us now. We`re very interested in new Quest. Due to that, we`ve collected all the available information`s about it and placed them into this review. Read it and trust us, you`ll be interested in him too. 

2018 Nissan Quest Front

2018 Nissan Quest Restyled, Outside, Review

With their great experience, Nissan`s engineers and designers really know how to create perfect minivan. New 2018 Nissan Quest is definitely greatest proof for that. This time, Nissan`s engineers will release him with the slightly changed shape. New Quest is expected to be released with sharper edges. That can make him look boxier than before but knowing their customers, that isn`t a problem. New lines are present on the sides of new Quest and on the front fascia. Those lines will spread all across the vehicle making him look stronger than before. 20.0-inch alloy wheels will be placed on new Quest making him stronger than before. What is great is that new generation of Quest will be released with more exterior color options which will be great to attract more customers.

Talking about the details on the exterior, we can`t say that many of them are changed. Front part has suffered some changes this time. The grille on 2018 Nissan Quest is wider than before and it is announced that it`s going to be made using only chrome. That is one more evidence that Nissan wants to make new Quest classier than before. Classier means that he`s going to cost more as well. This time, new Quest will be extra modern and equipped minivan. For example, all of his lights will use newly developed lamps. Those lamps will be made using new LED technology. Other than they can create maximum visibility, they will use the only minimum required energy. That way, new Quest becomes the greener vehicle. Great way to attract customers that wants to save the environment.

2018 Nissan Quest Interior

2018 Nissan Quest Cabin, Seats, Interior

Knowing Nissan and knowing previous generations of Quest we have the idea how this new one might look inside. What is sure is that new 2018 Nissan Quest is going to be extra spacious and roomy. That way, you don`t have to worry about the comfort of the passengers. That is the first thing you should worry about in every car. With new Quest, you won`t have that problem. Perfect designed seats are working great inside new Quest. Alcantara leather will suit him great and better lumbar and sides support will be added this time.

Instrument board is still the mystery how it`s going to look inside new 2018 Nissan Quest. We know that large touchscreen will be placed in the middle of it. This time, all of the buttons and controls should be driver oriented. Steering wheel could become bigger and it could have more controls jammed inside as well. Nissan`s officials announced that they`re going to try to make the balance between safety and entertainment functions inside new Quest. Besides that, they`ve said that there won`t be a problem if new Quest ends with more safety functions. That way customers will be safe which is their first goal.

2018 Nissan Quest Rear

2018 Nissan Quest Engine, Performances, Transmission

Engine unit for new 2018 Nissan Quest will remain to be the same as before. That will be a 3.5-liter V6 unit. This engine has proved itself more than one time so there is really no need to change something that works with no problem at all. Using this type of engine, new Quest will be able to handle 260 horsepower and torque amount of 240 lb/ft. CVT automatic gearbox will be the only choice for this and for any other engine that appears available for Quest. AWD mode will be available for new Quest as well.

2018 Nissan Quest Price and Estimated Arrival Period

This time, new 2018 Nissan Quest will arrive with a bit higher price than before. That means his starting trim level will cost about $28.000 and the best one will go around $50.000. Release date will probably appear at the March 2018.

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