2018 GMC Savana Front

2018 GMC Savana Cargo, Spacious

To be honest, we are surprised with the comeback of 2018 GMC Savana. We can`t say that this wasn`t one of the most popular GMC minivans but it wasn`t that good. That is surely one of the ways why GMC wants to release him again. They want to make him better. They want to make new Savana worth buying. According to all the rumors we`ve heard, it`s going to be good. Take a look at it, read this review. It contains all you need to know about new Savana.

2018 GMC Savana Front

2018 GMC Savana Shape, Platform, Colors

Looking at the previous version of Savana, exterior design really is the first thing you think that needs to be changed. New 2018 GMC Savana will look refreshed and classier than before. First, it`s going to arrive on the new platform. That platform will make Savana lose some pounds and it`ll make him arrive on larger wheels. Now, there will be 20.0-inches alloy ones. Those wheels alone can make it better. This generation of Savana is announced with more exterior color options than ever before. Customers will love it. There are a lot of new details present on new Savana.

Starting from the front part of 2018 GMC Savana we must mention the grille. The grille is wider and longer than before. It`s going to spread all across the bumper. Headlights next to it will be bigger than before. They`ll use the new set of lights which can make this minivan safer than before. Both of the bumpers are revised and reinforced. That is one of the ways how new Savana managed to lose some pounds. Bumpers are made using top quality carbon fiber. Sides of this minivan will be designed with some new lines that will make it look stronger than before. The rear part is noticeably smaller than before. It has wider but thinner headlights and more square shaped exhaustion pipes under it.

2018 GMC Savana Interior

2018 GMC Savana Interior Style, Cabin, Entertainment

The interior design of new 2018 GMC Savana is pretty simple. It is designed to have amazing cargo area and enough room in the first row of seats. That`s pretty much it. New Savana won`t be made with some amazing materials usage. GMC will keep it simple this time. There will be the combination of plastic and basic cloth material. To be honest, it doesn`t look bad at all. It`s going to give you enough for the money you`re going to spend on him.

It`s going to be completed with so many great functions. New 2018 GMC Savana will have great infotainment system with more safety functions than the entertainment ones. There will be features such as: rearview camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, USB connection, digital climate controller, satellite radio, the navigation system, airbags and some others as well.

2018 GMC Savana Side

2018 GMC Savana Engine, Performances, Transmission

Because there are so little information`s about the design, you know that we have huge news about the engines. Believe it or not, we know about four different engine options for new 2018 GMC Savana. First, there could be the 4.3-liter V6 unit. This one can generate 190 horsepower. 2nd choice is the 5.3-liter V8 engine. This one can supply it with 310 horsepower. the 3rd option will be the 4.8-liter V8 unit which is designed especially if you plan to fill your new Savana all the top every time. It can take so much cargo with this engine type. Last but definitely not least, there will be the 6.0-liter V8 unit. This one is able to produce 324 horsepower and 372 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

2018 GMC Savana Price and Expected Arrival Date

Starting price for it will be $32.000 but we know it can reach even over $40.000. We still don`t have official release date prepared but we don`t expect to see 2018 GMC Savana before May 2018.

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