2018 Ford Transit Wagon Front

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Release date

We all love Ford`s large passengers vans. Something just like 2018 Ford Transit Wagon. It is the type how true, full-size minivan should look. Now, Transit Wagon will be released in those two famous versions again, passengers and cargo van. We`re here to tell you a bit more about the passengers version. Take a look at what you can expect from new Transit Wagon. He`s going to be quite a pleasure on the upcoming year market. You can find some great details on this van and it`s going to help you choose him before some other vehicle.

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Front

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Exterior Design, Appearance

Exterior shape of new 2018 Ford Transit Wagon is quite simple. This time, Ford won`t take any risk with designing new Transit Wagon. They`re going to keep it simple and the way it was before. Boxy shape and nice edges are something that customers love on this model so there is no need to make it that much different. What is new about this generation of Transit Wagon is that it`s going to be a bit higher than before. That means he`s going to be placed on larger wheels as well. For 2018 Transit Wagon, that`ll be 20.0-inch alloy ones.

More exterior color are the least that Ford`s engineers and designers could do for this new minivan. All the lights on new 2018 Ford Transit Wagon will be improved. Their design won`t be changed but the lamps inside will be. For example, Ford said that all the lights, including fog lights this time, will use LED technology lamps. Rear glass is now bigger than before. There will be some new lines added on the sides of this vehicle. All that can make new Transit Wagon look sportier. That is one way how Ford is able to attract more customers. And they`re going to work it surely.

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Interior

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Interior Style, Cabin, Materials

First thing you`re going to notice inside 2018 Ford Transit Wagon is that his functions and controls are fully driver-oriented. Now, the driver can easily control all of them while he keeps his attention strictly on the road. That can make him safer than before. Great thing is that even with all 8 passengers are inside, there will be enough room for all of them, even when they carry as much luggage as they want. That is managed thanks to better organization and with newly designed seats. Seats are restyled but their secret is inside better lumbar support.

Now, new 2018 Ford Transit Wagon will have way more functions installed in this minivan. For example, this time, SYNC 3 connection system will be installed for the first time in this minivan. That can help him connect great number of functions. Most of them will be safety ones but there will be some great entertainment ones as well. Ford will pay special attention to the stereo system inside this minivan. Due to that, there will be satellite radio installed and more than 10 speakers present inside. In combination with those great safety functions, new Transit Wagon will be one of the best equipped minivans on the market.

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Side

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Engine, MPG, Transmission

At the moment, we`ve heard about two engine options for new 2018 Ford Transit Wagon. One will be diesel powered and basic one will be petrol powered. First, basic choice is 3.7-liter V6 petrol powered unit. This one can supply new Transit Wagon with the power of 275 horses and 260 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. 2nd engine choice will be 3.2-liter inline-5 diesel powered unit. This engine unit can develop 185 horsepower and 380 lb/ft as torque amount. Both of these engine options will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system. This one can reduce it`s fuel consumption a bit, so it is estimated to be around 14/18 mpg city/highway.

2018 Ford Transit Wagon Price and Estimated Arrival Date

We think that new 2018 Ford Transit Wagon can`t be released before May 2018. When it comes to the official starting price for this minivan, we think it`s going to be around $32.000.

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