2018 Ford Grand C-Max Front

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Hybrid, Comfort

You may not be minivan lover, but you can`t say that new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max isn`t good car. It is really interesting and more than functional. Ford produced him to be the great family car. To work perfectly as a clock and to be extra safe. You can be perfectly sure about this car, it`s going to respond to every demand you set for him. This time, some new details are announced for new Grand C-Max and that is why we are here. We expect to see slightly improved engine unit and reduced overall body weight. Of course, fuel consumption is expected to be reduced as well since this is definitely the age of Planet saving and caring.

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Front

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Refreshed, Styled, Design

We can really say that Ford`s designers had amazing improvement when it comes to the design of every their new car. New 2018 Ford Grand C-Max is one of those definitely. You can really see that they`ve taken special care of every single piece and detail. Starting from the bottom to the top, it`s really great and tidy. What is surely amazing is that they`ve really take attention to the customers’ requests. They`ve reduced the overall body weight of new Grand C-Max thanks to the usage of lightweight materials in the chassis. Also, we can really spot some changes on the exterior of this minivan but you shouldn’t expect some drastic ones, there are small but great after all.

Take a look at his front part. It`s designed with great materials that can help him look classy and strong at the same time. The hood on 2018 Ford Grand C-Max is way longer than before and it finishes with the wider grille that has amazing chrome bars on it. Headlights are longer than before and due to that, they don`t have that sharp edges as before. They`re rounder now. Both of the bumpers are stronger than before thanks to those materials we`ve mentioned already. Great technology is used to create new Grand C-Max and his lights in the first place when it comes to the exterior. Rear part has longer taillights but smaller rear glass which we don`t love but we`re hoping that might be changed.

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Interior

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Interior Style, Review, Space

This new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max is among the leaders when it comes to the comfort of the passengers. This new one can receive up to 7 passengers inside and you need to know that every one of them will enjoy maximum pleasure. This time, they`re going to make better organization inside which can result from even more room for the passengers. Better leg and headroom is surely why somebody will choose new Grand C-Max before some others. Ford really put some extra effort to make this minivan extra equipped. You can see that since they`re going to give him full leather cabin even in the basic trim level. Alcantara leather is there now and it really looks fantastic.

Now, the seats are restyled as well and we need to mention that first row of seats has more than 10 directions of adjustments. Other than that, there will be finer lumbar support with heating and cooling options added for some higher trim levels. Instrument board is restyled as well now. The first thing you`re going to notice on new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max is his larger touchscreen that will be placed in the middle of the instrument board. There are some screens announced on the back of the front row of seats as well. Customers with smaller children will love that for sure. Also, you need to know that among so many safety and entertainment functions, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems will be installed.

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Side

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Engine, Power, Transmission

There aren`t that much information`s available about the engine options for new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max as we are pleased with those about the design. We have heard about some of the options about new Grand C-Max. That will be 1.6-liter turbo diesel unit which can produce 115 horsepower. This unit could be the basic choice for new Grand C-Max. The 2nd option you can choose to place under the hood of new Grand C-Max could be the 2.0-liter petrol powered unit that is able to generate around 160 horsepower. Amazing power for this engine and we are sure that this one will be one of the favorites.

But, we must be honest that most important news about the engine options for new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max is yet to come. Some rumors are saying that new Grand C-Max will be available with hybrid engine option as well. What is sure is that no matter what of those engine choice you pick, it`s going to be paired withh the 6-speed automatic transmission system.

2018 Ford Grand C-Max Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2018 Ford Grand C-Max will be $27.000. We expect some of his trim levels to go up to $40.000. Release date will probably be around January 2018.

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