2018 Ford Galaxy Front

2018 Ford Galaxy MPV, Release date

With the new 2018 Ford Galaxy arriving, minivan market is getting more and more interesting. New Galaxy has tradition behind, but we want to see something new as well. This time, Galaxy is announced to be redesigned. The great news is coming out of Ford`s factory. We have no doubts that you`re going to be impressed. According to the latest rumors, new Galaxy should be released with at least one new engine unit. You`re going to have the pretty clear picture of new Galaxy with this review we`ve prepared for you. Take a look.

2018 Ford Galaxy Front

2018 Ford Galaxy Redesign, Platform, Chassis

First, we must tell that new 2018 Ford Galaxy will be released on the new platform. That is the way how Ford wants to make him more modern. Now, Galaxy can have his chassis made using mostly lightweight materials. That new platform will make him change his shape a bit. The edges of new Galaxy won`t be that sharp as before. They`ll work more in an aerodynamic way. Great way to reduce your fuel consumption and to save your money. 2018 Galaxy will arrive on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are perfect for this kind of vehicle. As we`ve said, his shape and weight will be different but his overall size will remain the same as before. Maybe the finest thing about it is that now, there will be way more exterior color choices. Picky customers will surely love it.

There aren`t that many details changed on new 2018 Ford Galaxy. Most of it will be the same as before. Front fascia did have some new details. For instance, the grille is wider than before and that is obvious. Due to that, headlights are looking closer to it than before and they look to be bigger. That`s not true, headlights are exactly the same but great move by Ford is that they`ve to manage to make it look different. On the sides of new Galaxy, we can see the same lines and the same organization. Rear part will have his bumper slightly changed. Exhaustion pipes should now be closer to the edges. Other than that, we can`t really see some iconic changes made.

2018 Ford Galaxy Interior

2018 Ford Galaxy Materials, Seats, Instrument board

Looking to the cabin of 2018 Ford Galaxy we must say the same thing we`ve said for his predecessor. That is that he`s extra cozy and spacious. There will be more than enough room for 7 adult passengers. All of them can carry the great amount of luggage because cargo area is also extra-large. Taking that together, Galaxy is the great vehicle to take your and neighbors children to the soccer game. Basic cloth material will be used in basic trim level this time. That can make him affordable but not that classy vehicle. If you`re willing to pay more money, you`re going to enjoy full leather seats.

Instrument board inside 2018 Ford Galaxy is made with the same button organization as before. They`re made to be closer to the driver so he can handle all of them. Climate vents are larger than before which is great to set the temperature inside to be perfect. Infotainment system inside new Galaxy will be perfect as well. There won`t be that many new ones but all the old ones will be totally improved and modernized. We have no problems with that since all the previous functions worked perfectly. You`re going to be satisfied with these new ones we`re sure in that.

2018 Ford Galaxy Rear

2018 Ford Galaxy Engine, MPG, Transmission

Ford is being pretty mysterious about the engine options for new Galaxy. We haven`t used to Ford being that way. That means they`re having something really special prepared for new 2018 Ford Galaxy. What we know is that his basic option will be 1.5-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost petrol powered unit. This one can supply it with 160 horsepower and great torque amount. Acceleration time for this engine will be 10 seconds to reach from 0-60 mph. 2nd choice can be the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TDCI diesel powered unit. This one can produce 161 horsepower. This one can run from 0-60 mph in only 10.9 seconds. Both of these engines are great that`s for sure. When it comes to the gearbox, 6-speed dual clutch transmission system will be the only choice. We are sure that new Galaxy will be released with at least one more engine option.

2018 Ford Galaxy Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2018 Ford Galaxy will probably go from $40.000. Some more equipped trim levels will go over $55.000. Release date will probably be around June 2018.

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