2018 Ford C-Max Front

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine

As you already know, Ford is one of the leaders in the minivan market. New 2018 Ford C-Max is definitely one of the reasons why. This time, Ford is moving the step forward. They`re planning to release new C-Max with hybrid engine option. That way, they`re moving into greener category of cars. Great way to attract more customers. Today, when people are finally starting to care about the environment, cars with the hybrid engine are a great choice. New C-Max is surely one of those. Consider buying this car. If you need space, great engine, and amazing comfort level, new C-Max is the car for you. Take a look.

2018 Ford C-Max Front

2018 Ford C-Max Style, Look, Redesign

This time, knowing that greatest improvement for new 2018 Ford C-Max will be under the hood, we don`t expect some iconic differences on the exterior. His shape will probably remain the same as before. Ford really manages to make it closest to the perfection as it can be. We expect to hear that new C-Max is made using only lightweight materials. That way it can use even less energy than before. 18.0-inch alloy wheels and great tires are also one more way how you can reduce energy wasting. Ford surely thought about everything when they`ve created this vehicle. This time, even the bumpers will be made using new materials. That way, they`re going to be stronger than before. The latest news we`ve heard about new C-Max is that he`s going to be released with more exterior color options.

All of the lights on new 2018 Ford C-Max will be modern as well. They`re going to use a new set of lamps. This time, some of them will use bi-xenon lamps while others will use LED technology lamps. Both of them are amazing. It can provide spectacular visibility while they can reduce energy wasting. That energy saving can easily become Ford`s signature. Great way to be remembered among the customers.

2018 Ford C-Max Interior

2018 Ford C-Max Interior Design, Instrument board

Even the interior will be made to tell how much Ford cares about the environment. Seats for new 2018 Ford C-Max will be made using recycled materials. Those materials are made using special method making them amazing. They`re extra soft and cozy. All the passengers will feel like they`re sitting on a cloud inside new C-Max. Instrument board will be made using the combination of leather, carbon fiber and those recycled materials. Also, extra soft to touch. Great news about new C-Max is telling that he`s going to be released with more safety functions than before.

Better organization inside new 2018 Ford C-Max will make it available with more room inside. That means bigger cargo area which was one of the problems in his previous generation. This time, passengers can carry more luggage than before. Great for longer trips. All the buttons on the instrument board will be restyled. Now, they are all driver oriented. Besides that, climate vents are larger than before. Together with new dual-zone climate controller, that will work perfectly. You`re going to be able to set the temperature exactly how you want it.

2018 Ford C-Max Rear

2018 Ford C-Max Engine, Transmission, MPG

Now, the most important part of new 2018 Ford C-Max. The part that everybody is talking about. That is his engine under the hood. This time, Ford will use 2.0-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit which will work in pair with the electric motor. Together, this combination can supply new C-Max with 188 horsepower and with torque amount of 129 lb/ft. Lithium-ion batteries will supply that electric motor with power. Using only them, new C-Max can go over 20 miles which is great. To recharge those batteries, you`re going to need only 3 hours which is the great improvement considering the previous version needed 7 hours to be fully charged. The continuously variable transmission system will work in pair with this engine.

2018 Ford C-Max Expected Arrival Date and Rumors about Price

You`re going to need around $32.000 to buy the basic trim level of this car. The release date for new 2018 Ford C-Max will be around April 2018.

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