2018 Ford B-Max Front

2018 Ford B-Max Changes, Engines

In the world of minivans, you need to make the passengers love you. New 2018 Ford B-Max is the car which has managed to do that. His first generation was released in 2012 but now, we expect to see the most from him. Ford`s designers announced that this new B-Max will be stronger than before. There will be some small changes when it comes to the size, it is expected from new B-Max to be bigger than before. Let`s see what new B-Max will look like now. It is obvious that Ford has made him for the future.

2018 Ford B-Max Front

2018 Ford B-Max Changes, Platform, Design

As we`ve mentioned, new 2018 Ford B-Max will be bigger. This time, Ford gave him the new platform. That platform will make him have the longer wheelbase. Also, new B-Max will now be placed on 19.0-inch alloy wheels. That will make him look stronger than before. We`ve heard that Ford will give him the new set of tires as well. With them, new B-Max can easily go off-road easier than before. We must mention that new platform will allow this type of minivan to be made using top quality materials. This time, Ford will use mainly lightweight ones. There will be carbon fiber and aluminum used in the biggest part of the chassis. With it, new B-Max will lose the significant amount of pounds. Great thing to improve performances.

Looking to the exterior of new 2018 Ford B-Max we must say that he really looks stunning now. The first thing you`re going to notice is his front part. There will be really nicely designed grille which will be a bit different than before. Now, it`s going to be wider than before and designed with chrome horizontal bars. Headlights are placed next to the grille, almost connected to it. Under those headlights, we can see bigger fog lights. Even the fog lights will use newly developed LED lamps. On the rear part of new B-Max, we can see bigger taillights and longer rear glass. Both of the bumpers are bigger than before and Ford has announced that they`re going to make him be stronger than before. That can make entire B-Max safer than before.

2018 Ford B-Max Interior

2018 Ford B-Max Interior Style, Improvement, Stylish

The cabin is maybe the most important thing about minivans. This new 2018 Ford B-Max can really be proud of the way how his cabin looks. Other than great design this cabin has, it`s going to be extra cozy and roomy. Looking at new B-Max, we can see that Ford took really great care to make his passengers feel perfect. Seats inside new B-Max will be extra cozy and great to be relaxed. Now, other than the heating option, Ford gave them a cooling option as well. With amazing materials they`re going to be made, we know that passengers will enjoy every second they spend inside.

Design of the cabin of 2018 Ford B-Max is really stunning. His instrument board will be great and not jammed with numerous of buttons. That is great because there will be more room for the passengers inside. Even though the instrument board looks bigger than before, they`ll be managed to make better organization on it. On the middle of it, we can see 9.0-inch touchscreen. Using it, you can control most of the functions that will be installed. Speaking of the functions, we must mention that there will be way more functions than before. Ford ensures us that they`ll try to install the same number of safety and entertainment functions. What is sure is that there will be both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems installed.

2018 Ford B-Max Rear

2018 Ford B-Max Engine, Performances, Transmission

There will be at least four different engine options for new 2018 Ford B-Max. We know that basic choice will be 1.0-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost petrol powered unit. This one can supply this minivan with 123 horsepower and with 147 lb/ft. Next available engine unit for new B-Max will be the 1.4-liter 4-cylinder unit. This one is able to produce 89 horsepower and torque amount of 94 lb/ft. 1.6-liter 4-cylinder will be one more petrol powered unit available for new B-Max. This one can generate around 104 horsepower and 110 lb/ft as torque amount.

One diesel option is available as well. That will be 1.5-liter 4-cylinder TDCi unit. This one is able to give him 74 horsepower and 136 lb/ft as torque amount. We are sure that every one of these engines will work in pair with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. AWD mode will be available for new B-Max as well.

2018 Ford B-Max Price and Estimated Arrival Date

We know that new 2018 Ford B-Max can`t be available until May 2018. Price for this minivan will be around $19.000 for his basic trim level.

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