2018 Chrysler Town and Country Front

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Family

There aren`t that many minivans that we can say those great things as we can for new 2018 Chrysler Town and Country. It is really stunning and we are sure that no matter what family buys this vehicle, it`s going to be pleased with it. This new generation is announced to be redesigned and improved when it comes to the engine unit. We`re looking forward to seeing it running on the streets. Until that, we can talk about him a bit more. Take a look at everything new Town and Country can be proud of.

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Front

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Review, Exterior Changes

To be honest, there aren`t that much information`s available when it comes to the exterior of 2018 Chrysler Town and Country. It is still quite a mystery. Chrysler still wants to make some surprise for the customers. Due to that, his testing model was shown under heavy camouflage. Based on it, we can draw some conclusions but those are just a guesses. We can see that it`s going to be way bigger than before. Other than his different size, his shape could get a bit restyled as well. Now, we expect to see him with less sharp edges. This time, even the tires are getting bigger. Now, they`re 20.0-inch wide, alloy ones.

Looking to some details, it seems that there are some new ones added as well. There are the larger set of headlights present. Besides that, we can see that the grille is also bigger. Even though there are some really great details used, even better are the materials of which they`ll be made of. For example, entire chassis of 2018 Chrysler Town and Country is made using lightweight materials. On the first place, there are aluminum and carbon fiber. Besides those materials, we know that the grille is now made entirely from chrome. All in all, new Town and Country looks like a brand new vehicle now. With more exterior color options, it`s going to look even better.

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Interior

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Interior Style, Materials

First, we need to mention that new 2018 Chrysler Town and Country have more room inside than ever. It has more than enough room inside. Both passengers (8 of them) and their cargo can be cozy and roomy. To make them feel even better, Chrysler prepared the new set of seats. They`re now made using brand new leather, top quality Alcantara one. With it, and with improved lumbar support, you don`t need to think about the comfort level they`ll feel. This time, it`s going to be maximum.

The entire cabin is made using top quality leather, wood, and carbon fiber. It`s great combination to make your vehicle classy and luxury. New 2018 Chrysler Town and Country is the greatest proof for both of that, especially among the minivans. All the functions from the previous generation were transferred to this new one as well. Now, it`s going to be equipped with features such as: parking sensors, emergency braking, Bluetooth and USB connection, dual-zone climate controller, rear-view camera, blind spot monitors, the digital navigation system, adaptive cruise control, satellite radio and many others.

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Rear

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Engine, Power, Performances

As we`ve said, new 2018 Chrysler Town and Country is announced to be available with stronger engine unit. Because of that, Chrysler still doesn’t want to reveal information`s about it. What we know is that one new option they`re considering is the 3.6-liter V6 unit. This engine is awesome and it can produce 283 horsepower. That is way more than we`re used to seeing under the hood of Town and Country. With it, he`s going to be one of the strongest minivans on the market. We expect to see at least two new engine choices. We`ll keep you informed about it so stay with us.

2018 Chrysler Town and Country Estimated Price and Release date

The release date for new 2018 Chrysler Town and Country can`t happen before March 2018. Starting price will surely be around $31.000 and it can raise up to $45.000 if you want the best from him.

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